Year 1809

The years 1808 and 1809 mark important events in the history of the state of Finland: the Finnish War was waged; the Diet of Porvoo convened; national central government was established; the Treaty of Hamina was signed; and the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland was created. These events took place against the international background of the Napoleonic Wars and the ensuing Treaty of Tilst of 1807 and the Treaty of Erfurt of 1808.

In the course of Finland’s history, Swedish and Russian rule interconnected in a way that still has an influence on Finnish society and that gradually laid the foundation for the establishment of a sovereign nation. An important period in this process is represented by the years 1808 and 1809 on which the theme and visual outlook of the bicentennial is based.

On account of the bicentenary of the Finnish Government, a brochure called '200 Years of National Government' was published in the autumn of 2009. The brochure describes the birth and present day of the Finnish Government: 200 Years of National Government (pdf)

The Year 1809 project has ended. The website is no longer updated.

Current issues

Government bicentenary events

The commemoration of Year 1809 culminated with bicentenary events of the Government, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court in the historic centre of Turku on 2 October 2009. This date marked the establishment of the Governing Council, the first Finnish Government, two hundred years ago. The government-level programme was supplemented by a variety of events organised locally.
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